Hard to move panels

Operable wall panels should be smooth and easy to move. Panels that are hard to move are likely to be forced by its operator, subsequently causing damage or breakdown.

Gap in wall allowing Sound Leakage

Panels should seal correctly when closed or you may experience sound leakage between the two spaces. Regular maintenance will ensure your operable walls are sealed as per manufacture requirements resulting in maximum sound blockage.

Noisy movements

If your experiencing squeaks or grinding noises when moving your walls, it is due for service. These are typical early sign of wall malfunctions and should be addressed as soon as possible.

Tilting Panels

Tilting panels can pose a health and safety risk to operators of the wall. Do not force tilted panels. Our technician can safely assess your panels and provide a safe solution to reset your wall as per manufacturer guidelines.

Unable to lock or close properly

Often this could be as simple as a misalignment rather than a damaged lock. It is important that you do not force your operable wall to lock or close. Simply call our help line on 1300 472 407 and our technician will be available to assist.

Workplace Health & Safety

Operable walls should be maintained regularly to prevent breakdowns and damage. Walls that become hard to move, tilted or jam could pose a safety risk to its operator should the wall become forced.